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Oct 19th 13 - bombs away - corvallis, or
Oct 19th 13 - happy trails records - corvallis, or
Oct 18th 13 - luckey's - eugene, or
Oct 18th 13 - krvm 91.9 - eugene, or
Oct 18th 13 - kwva 88.1 - eugene, or
Oct 18th 13 - skip's records - eugene, or
Aug 17th 13 - kenton club - portland, or
Aug 17th 13 - kpsu 98.1 - portland, or
Aug 16th 13 - bombs away - corvallis, or
Aug 16th 13 - kbvr 88.7 - corvallis, or
Aug 15th 13 - le voyeur - olympia, wa
Jul 3rd 13 - sammy's - boise, id
Jul 2nd 13 - burt's tiki - salt lake city, ut
Jul 1st 13 - bar bar - denver, co
Jun 30th 13 - duffy's - lincoln, ne
Jun 29th 13 - kirby's beer store - wichita, ks
Jun 28th 13 - be here now - muncie, in
Jun 27th 13 - melody inn - indianapolis, in
Jun 26th 13 - mahall's - cleveland, oh
Jun 25th 13 - checkers and trophies - kent, oh
Jun 24th 13 - buzzbin - canton, oh
Jun 23rd 13 - tree bar - columbus, oh
Jun 22nd 13 - cedar's - youngstown, oh
Jun 21st 13 - ultra lounge - chicago, il
Jun 20th 13 - frank's power plant - milwaukee, wi
Jun 19th 13 - cause - minneapolis, mn
Jun 18th 13 - yellowstone brewing - billings, mt
Jun 17th 13 - blue spark - spokane, wa
Jun 16th 13 - house show - lake chelan, wa
Nov 10th 12 - foggy notion - portland, or
Nov 10th 12 - kpsu 98.1 - portland, or
Nov 9th 12 - comet - seattle, wa
Oct 13th 12 - o'blarney's, centralia, wa
Sep 22nd 12 - the cabin - bellingham, wa
Sep 21st 12 - mars bar - seattle, wa
Sep 20th 12 - east end - portland, or
Sep 15th 12 - kboo 90.7 - portland, or
Aug 31st 12 - silver moon - bend, or
Aug 30th 12 - bombs away - corvallis, or
Aug 24th 12 - le voyeur - olympia, wa
Aug 18th 12 - jub jubs - reno, nv
Aug 17th 12 - double down - las vegas, nv
Aug 16th 12 - silverlake lounge - los angeles, ca
Aug 15th 12 - grant&green - san francisco, ca
Aug 4th 12 - luckey's - eugene, or
Aug 3rd 12 - tempest (aka mars bar) - tacoma, wa
Aug 2nd 12 - blue spark - spokane, wa
Jul 14th 12 - high dive - seattle, wa
Jun 28th 12 - lion's lair - denver, co
Jun 28th 12 - radio 1190 - boulder, co
Jun 27th 12 - kirby's beer store - wichita, ks
Jun 26th 12 - record bar - kansas city, mo
Jun 25th 12 - pops blue moon - st. louis, mo
Jun 24th 12 - melody inn - indy, in
Jun 23rd 12 - be here now - muncie, in
Jun 22nd 12 - kobo - columbus, oh
Jun 21st 12 - arlene's grocery - new york, ny
Jun 20th 12 - mojo 13 - wilmington, de
Jun 17th 12 - the fire - philadelphia, pa
Jun 16th 12 - cedar's lounge - youngstown, oh
Jun 15th 12 - grace st. tap - chicago, il
Jun 14th 12 - frank's power plant - milwaukee, wi
Jun 14th 12 - wmse 91.7 - milwaukee, wi
Jun 13th 12 - knickerbockers - lincoln, ne
Jun 12th 12 - yellowstone brewing - billings, mt
May 10th 12 - comet - seattle, wa
Apr 22nd 12 - skylark - seattle, wa
Jan 29th 12 - hold on anyway, seattle, wa
Jan 28th 12 - hold on anyway, seattle, wa
Jan 27th 12 - hold on anyway, seattle, wa
Jan 22nd 12 - hold on anyway, seattle, wa
Jan 21st 12 - hold on anyway, seattle, wa
Jan 20th 12 - hold on anyway, seattle, wa
Jan 15th 12 - hold on anyway, seattle, wa
Jan 14th 12 - hold on anyway, seattle, wa
Jan 13th 12 - hold on anyway, seattle, wa
Dec 9th 11 - slim's last chance, georgetown, wa
Oct 14th 11 - le voyeur, olympia, wa
Oct 13th 11 - the knife shop, portland, or
May 21st 11 - ground control, georgetown, wa
Feb 17th 11 - marylhurst university, portland, or
Oct 2nd 09 - duke's warehouse, seattle, wa
Sep 27th 09 - folsom street fair, san fran, ca
Sep 24th 09 - giant burger, corning, ca
Sep 23rd 09 - i5 corridor, brownsville, or
Sep 19th 09 - red room, portland, or
Sep 19th 09 - helen wheels, olympia, wa
Aug 18th 09 - le voyeur, olympia, wa
Jul 31st 09 - blue moon, seattle, wa
Apr 10th 09 - le voyeur, olympia, wa
Jan 23rd 09 - jules maes, seattle, wa
Dec 12th 08 - le voyeur, olympia, wa
Apr 26th 08 - canvas art gallery, seattle, wa
Apr 25th 08 - le voyeur, olympia, wa
Mar 28th 08 - flying m garage, boise, id
Mar 27th 08 - silver moon, bend, or
Feb 28th 08 - skylark cafe, seattle, wa
Feb 15th 08 - le voyeur, olympia, wa
Feb 9th 08 - diablo's downtown, eugene, or
Feb 8th 08 - red room, portland, or
Feb 7th 08 - comet, seattle, wa
Feb 5th 08 - green frog tavern, bellingham, wa
Nov 29th 07 - downtown lounge, eugene, or
Nov 10th 07 - rendezvous, seattle, wa
Oct 25th 07 - ash street, portland, or
Oct 4th 07 - comet, seattle, wa
Sep 21st 07 - gadfly, la grande, or
Sep 20th 07 - the bouquet, boise, id
Sep 16th 07 - mars bar, seattle, wa
May 11th 07 - rendezvous, seattle, wa
May 4th 07 - gadfly, la grande, or
May 3rd 07 - ash street, portland, or
Apr 6th 07 - mars bar, seattle, wa
Mar 22nd 07 - comet, seattle, wa
Feb 16th 07 - rendezvous, seattle, wa
Jan 23rd 07 - chop suey, seattle, wa
Dec 22nd 06 - sunset tavern, seattle, wa
Dec 5th 06 - el corazon, seattle, wa
Dec 2nd 06 - mars bar, seattle, wa
Nov 17th 06 - rendezvous, seattle, wa
Nov 11th 06 - beacon, seattle, wa
Aug 4th 06 - rendezvous, seattle, wa
Jun 23rd 06 - rainbow, seattle, wa
Apr 22nd 06 - mars bar, seattle, wa
Mar 11th 06 - blue moon, seattle, wa
Jan 7th 06 - rendezvous, seattle, wa
Nov 11th 05 - blue moon, seattle, wa
Sep 16th 05 - mars bar, seattle, wa
Jul 21st 05 - high dive, seattle, wa
Jul 15th 05 - rendezvous, seattle, wa
May 30th 05 - pike place market, seattle, wa
Apr 16th 05 - mars bar, seattle, wa
Jan 28th 05 - rendezvous, seattle
Jan 20th 05 - studio7, seattle, wa
Dec 11th 04 - tost, seattle, wa
Oct 16th 04 -, seattle, wa
Jul 24th 04 - mars bar, seattle, wa
Jul 23rd 04 - meow meow, portland, or

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Sunday, Jan 5th, 2014 well i guess 2013 is kaput. we had a great time scooting across the country and playing a ton of shows. last year we were able to make it to idaho, montana, nebraska, minnesota, wisconsin, illinois, indiana, ohio, colorado, kansas, utah, and of course all over washington and oregon. for some reason corvallis and eugene became our new olympia (speaking of oly, thx kitty and seaweed for the shark hats) as it seemed like we played those towns a bunch and had a fantastic time each time. many thanks to the folks at kboo, kzme, kpsu, and opb for spinning our music here in portland. our fav seattle dj the one and only dj niko for all his support on air and the great music show he has on tuesdays over at kbcs (you should check out his show search kbcs/away from the numbers). also mad props to kbvr, kwva, and krvm for having us in studio and also spinning faux fiction. gashouse radio we couldn't forget you either. so many peeps were kind and supportive last year and a special shout out to la fin du monde absolute (hey jason and chicky), my my my, fine subterraneans, kirby's and faux paw, who we seemed to play a lot of shows with in the midwest :) also, thanks to miss ricky and austin for making sure we met and played with plenty of other good local bands here in oregon.

besides playing a lot of shows we spent 2013 writing new material, and i am happy to say that means hello 2014! we'll be going into earwig studios to begin putting together our next release. we still aren't sure if we are putting together a full album, an EP, a blockbuster hit, a comic book, an art magazine with vinyl insert, usb sticks with tour montages, and or all of the above. what with the music industry collapsing and all (don't believe the hype) it is hard to decide just how to celebrate 2014 and a decade's worth of estocar. hello. actually, we are joking. we know exactly what we are up to, but choose to keep it very hush hush in order to maintain a certain aura of mystique until springing it on you when the timing is right. typical estocar cloak and dagger type stuff. or you can email us and we usually let people know where we'll be and what we are up to.

predictions for 2014? we'll make it back to the midwest this year, and probably down to california, as last year was the first time in a long time we didn't spend some energy playing in san francisco our other home away from home. vegas is most certainly calling our name to come back as well. even though we only stayed at the hard rock, the double door was a blast, and the people we met that night kept on popping up in 2013 so some things are meant to be. there will be a bunch of new tunes this year. some familiar faces this summer on stage with us from past estocar versions. even plans to perhaps get all the way out to the east coast again. 2014 will almost certainly bring a new tour van. as 2013 and 2012 both took down good vehicles from us. rest in piece ole blue and wrango. oh, and there will be a new tShirt design or two coming out to support our 10 year anniversary of our first show at the meow meow in portland way back yonder. we've also been working on getting some new video out as well. many many things to look forward to, especially with the music.

anywayzzz, much of this will be taking shape soon, and can't wait to share the new music and such. we've been recording rehearsals and i have to say we have a pretty tight set coming together. sean, steve and i are looking forward to getting into earwig and out there to share these new tunes. we'll reach out with more news in the near future, but for now please get your 2014 on proper. it should be quite nice :)

archived news:

Friday, Oct 18th, 2013 that was an epic day in eugene. and a gorgeous fall day in the northwest. i hadn't been on university of oregon's campus before other than a dead show at autzen stadium. we've played downtown a ...more


faux fiction

...faux fiction is that album blasting from behind the closed door of your older cousin's room in the city on the day you visit from the sticks. his room is 100 percent off limits, but even hearing the music through the walls is exciting. you can't wait to get your hands on a copy of your own. turn it up loud in the car with the windows down. cruising along with the bold rhythmic and sonic brushstrokes resonating through each song.

metaphorically speaking

...metaphorically speaking, estocar's fifth studio album, picks up the groove right from the start as the snare drum kicks in followed quickly by electric guitar. the energy is quick and rolls out into a galloping groove in the first few measures. this first cut 'painted black enamel' is fitting as it is reminiscent of the garage rock roots estocar has explored in the past while also giving a glimpse of how the tones and structures will be expanded. the lyrics 'observations from the beautiful mess you just so happen to be in...painted black enamel' gives the sense of the difficulties life can bring, but even if it is a mess and black, well it still shines like enamel over that. from there comes the funk as 'static fever' launches like a space craft out of a sci fi flick. lanceH and charlotteO tangle their vocals through this groovey little indie rock number mixed with funky keyboard and splashing cymbal crashes. the album is off and racing through fireflies, twilight, burning cities, flames, and screen doors. the songs have a jovial feeling that comes across as the band really enjoying making music together. the step is light and you can imagine them grooving while capturing their musical conversation. throughout the arrangement is sparse but creative deploying subtle nuances without relying on studio tricks. these songs bring you to the dance floor in a sweaty small club in a crowd full of people having fun bobbing up and down. 'beverly glen' is another song worth noting as every sound seems to be a part of the rhythm. rushing forward like a wave as it crashes to shore and gives us a slight pause...before the drums arrive to rachet it back up with 'n.m.'s eulogy' a snappy little number with punk auctioneer and doo wop vocals summing up the peculiar nature of patriotism and self. metaphorically speaking manages to crest again with the sweeping simple folk song 'word sure' climbing and climbing in the smoldering groove. bam the 70's disco groove is ratcheted up to break neck speed and the band races toward the finish then a slammed door, and you know estocar has put a line in the sand and then promptly stepped over it looking toward the future...'throwin' eyeballs, throwin' eyeballs, throwin' eyyyyyye baaalllls!

giraffe riot

...tugging at the abstract notions worn on the everyman's sleeve. giraffe riot bolts thru the angles of shifty brain rock...careeming off obstacle to obstacle. a stampede of songs yelling out the observations of forward motion. a circus barker delivering a garage rock band through the acrobatic show. 'soupcan telephone operator' is a fine example of the nerve this album tries to strike...voice after voice played out before the words even begin to form. sound tracks of places where the microphone tuned in. found sounds breaking into the clever atmosphere of a twisted folk tune. a clawing crescendo of questions posed in the way of answers. 'wobbly arrow' steps in with a scattered groove that steers itself by the skin of it's teeth all the way to the finish line...perfect sounds teetering in and out...a pulsing indie rock dance number. it leads further into an album that continues to escalate the vibe...'mr.e' shreads, 'wittle' dives on, and 'truss' uses all the twists and turns to clamber it to the brink. the sounds continue to please as 'nacimiento' is a replenishing truck stop off the highway, a place to put chains on in order to drive thru the pass. on the other side giraffe riot continues to roll on until it explores every nook and cranny along the parade route...the final destination is reached in 'circle the wagons' revisiting the daylight, bringing back to a head..the other end of the ribbon. an oragami bow tie start to finish.

garage philosophy late October of 2003, five inches of rain fell in such a short time span in seattle, that lance found his new album's basic guitar and drum tracks in serious danger of become a part of the flotsam jetsam of a quickly flooding basement. a bucket brigade was formed though, and with science tips picked up from zoom, the water was held at bay...the salvaged tunes were brought up to the main floor to be finished in dryer confines, but in the light of day it was evident that these were songs meant for a band sweating them out in one room live, not how the past albums had been built around a sole guitar...estocar's first release as a garage rock trio would hit the pavement two years later...some of those original songs rescued from the oncoming waters in the basement of the nougat house would survive...songs like 'invisible mayan', a full throttle indie folk punk anthem, 'blue heron', a bipolar art rock number, and 'capable+1', hippie metal groove rock at it's finest...those songs and other songs on garage philosophy capture the true spirit of a solid rock trio unleashing a racous sound that could only be realized within the confines of their own rehearsal space. self recorded and self released this album delivers the essence and urgency of a band completely at ease with it's underground stature...a raw intimate look into estocar's earlier psyche.

tinfoil halo

...pawn e5, king's knight c6, pawn a6...from the opening lyrics of the poet's blindspot, one can tell that this will be an album with intentions of seeing a game thru. an album truly taking form in the studio...from layered vocals, door slams, kitchen knifes tapping on linoleum, popcorn being poured into glass bowls, beer cans being crushed, sounds amped and reamped, drum tracks made from found objects, and even horn players brought in to add that true experimental texture that these four songs would coagulate into. strange birds meant to clear the palate, act as a sorbet for the upcoming entree. one where all the stops are pulled out. like a kid who just learned how to play with matches and has found a stash of them...each song strikes another and another until every match in the box is ignited and used as fuel to the fire for these intuitive soundscapes. this ep stretches out estocar's feathers, goes overboard and climbs ashore in order that no stone is left unturned...

traffic noise estocar's first release eludes to in it's title, there are plenty of moments of idling buses, rumbling semi-trucks, revving motorcyles, passing cars, ambulance sirens, and even the voices of a steady stream of pedestrians wafting into the small crowded room above street level where it was array of folk songs given a psychedelic white washing, peppered with the happy accidents that create an album when the recording process becomes an instrument as well...'six degrees from seventh heaven' the opening track is a loping mellow folk number brought in by drum rolls as it gathers steam like a tumble weed in open field...'render' adds a more sinister side as the album twists and turns thru layered guitars and keyboards. traffic noises from north street in chicago poke their head thru now and then as the album grows more rock oriented and full blown as wah wah guitars join the ruckus and drums add more drive. traffic noise continues to go down as many streets, avenues, nooks and crannies as a long commute...stretching out toward a foreboding blues folk number, 'atmospheric kettle', that explains the pit falls of finding oneself in hot water that continues to get hotter and hotter...traffic noise is a glimpse of the folk tunes in lance's head beginning to grow into numbers that will require a full fledged the mean time it explores the freedom that can be found in the studio as sounds are piled up and around sturdy songs laid down on acoustic guitar.